To get a good quality honey is important the selection of bee pasture, responsible for taste, color and aroma of the product as it is nectar from flowers who defines all features.

The removal of the combs of hives is a job that can also greatly influence the final product, must be done carefully and with proper management of smoke and transportation, preserving the most of the sensory characteristics.

Centrifugation of honey requires an environment with proper equipment and good handling practices before, during and after work.

In order to package and sell honey it must have an appropriate structure with supervision of any competent body.

Honey is received from apiaries and stored. Which is made a collection of each lot for a pre analysis. After this analysis the lots are separated by flowering and identified according to their characteristics.


Honey follows for handling room, where uniform batches are chosen, keeping in this way the smell and taste of each original bloom. Therefore, the Sharon Rose honey is so tasty and valued.

There the filtration process, which via a pump honey is forwarded to a filter which separates wax small fragments which were possibly present in honey.

Then he rests in honey decanter for a minimum of 24 hours before it can be packaged. In the last step the honey in jars is transported to the labeling room where he receives the label identifying its flowering, production date, expiry date and batch number, allowing full traceability of the product.

estrutura02It is through these care in honey handling process we can offer our customers a quality product with all the nutritional properties.